Tuesday, September 15, 2009

D4D Makes Front Page News

Sunday Night, D4D held its annual Midnight Mile Kick-off Run, and had a very exciting night. The Midnight Mile marks the start of our 18-week Disney Full and Half Marathon training programs. The surprise for the night came with the Flyer News photographer and hopes of a highlight in the student newspaper.

This year our kickoff run had record attendance at the run and the excitement just keeps growing!

Huge thanks to the entire Flyer News team for the spotlight!
Read the Full article at Flyer News!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hydrate for H2OPE

This year's exciting opening fundraiser is a custom branded 20oz Aluminum Sport Bottle. One side exhibits the official UD logo, while the other reminds you what you are drinking for - - H2OPE. This is not the hope that your next drink from this stylish water bottle will quench your insatiable thirst, rather a reminder of the constant H2OPE in the family members of those children who have been diagnosed with a life threatening illness. This H2OPE pulls them through the doctors vists and hospital stays, waiting for the day when everything is better.

You too, can have H2OPE. For just $10 or 2 for $16 (+shipping), you can help to grant the wish of a special family as they travel to Give Kids the World Villiage and the Orlando theme parks. Bottles will be sold in Red and Blue until each color is sold out.

Send an email to ud@distance4dreams.org with your contact information and quantity desired today to request your choice color!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Half Way To Disney Celebration

To celebrate it being the half way mark until we are running in Disney World, Distance 4 Dreams members meet for a day of swimming, volleyball, sunshine, lots of food and the enjoyment of each others company. Poolside, members had the opportunity to catch up and visit with one another while sharing laughs reminiscing about last years trip to Disney and getting excited for the year ahead! There was talk of training, the new D4D house, the 5K, pancake breakfast, and our latest fundraiser: the water bottles!

The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all. It was a great way to gear up the Distance 4 Dreams excitement for everyone, and wouldnt have been possible without the hospitality of the Morris family. Thank you for making it possible!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

2008-2009 Year End Slideshow

Thank you to Kelly for putting this together for us!