Friday, March 4, 2011

A Weekend of Magic and 2 Wishes Granted!

2010-2011 turned out to be another exciting and successful year for Distance 4 Dreams! During the weekend of January 7-10, 2011, 45 Dayton D4D-ers ventured to Disney World to participate in the Disney Half or Full Marathons. Some were even Goofy enough to do both. Highlights from the weekend include...

  • Dinner and fireworks at EPCOT featuring a visit from UD President Dr. Curran
  • A visit to Give Kids the World Village to meet Elijah and his family
  • Running over 1,000 miles in 2 days through the Walt Disney World parks

 This year, Distance 4 Dreams raised $5,400 and was able to grant not one, but two wishes!

                                                                Elijah          Valentina
                                                                4 Age          Age  6
                                          Disney World  Wish          Wish  Shopping Spree
                           Elijah traveled to Give Kids the          Valentina loves dancing,
               World Village in January and met D4D           singing, and taking pictures.
                          in Florida. He is featured on our          During her shopping spree,
                                           Wish Granting page.          she plans on getting new
                                                                                    clothes, toys, and games and
                                                                                     will also enjoy lunch or dinner
                                                                                     with her family and a limo ride!

 Way to go, D4D! 2010-2011 is in the books! Thanks for a magical year!