Thursday, February 14, 2013

Marathon Weekend!!!!

January 10-13 was the most magical weekend of the year for Distance 4 Dreams. 55 Dreamers made their way to Orlando, FL for the Disney World Marathon Weekend to run "4 NAVADA". The weekend kicked off with a day enjoying the Florida weather by the pool or at the parks. Almost 100 members, alumni, and family gathered in Epcot for an outstanding dinner and light show on Friday night. Saturday morning bright and early the half marathon runners concurred the 13.1 mile course running through Magic Kingdom and Epcot. The remainder of the day was filled with a trip to visit Give Kids The World Village and a tasty pasta dinner. Sunday morning the full marathon runners completed their 26.2 mile quest on a record breaking 86 degree day in the Florida sun. All of the runners completed their respective races and 9 goofy members ran both races and earned the coveted Goofy Race and a Half Challenge medal. Congratulations to all of the runners. It was another magical trip to Disney World.